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Massage is particularly valuable in our Western society where the sense of touch is so limited and formalised. In a world full of expensive gadgets intended to make our life easier, it is really pleasant to realise that we can give so much pleasure just with our hands.

We invite you to discover this ancestral art of providing relaxation at a physical and emotional level. We offer to work with you and make you feel in harmony with yourself in your everyday life and to make you aware of your inner strength. We wish you to have a good time.


Select massage, relaxation and discovery center in Brussels.


Type Duration/price
Discover massage 30min : 150€
Tantric massage 1h   : 150 € — 200 € 1h30 : 250 € 2h00 : 300 €
Anna Burn massage 1h   : 200 €
Massage couple 1 masseuse 1h   : 250 €
4 hands 1h   : 300 €
Massage couple 2 masseuses
1h   : 350 €
Outcall !!! New !!! 1h   : 350 € — 2h00 : 600 €


All oils and soaps are biological and made specially for us.


They don't leave traces or smell after use.